More Walks/More Drawings

The views in each direction at the dam yesterday morning just before 7 am.

And three days of drawing in the sketchbook.

I could not resist bringing several of these leaves home last weekend. It took a couple of days to finish but I loved the challenge.

And so many crows here including one juvenile who will not leave his parents alone. He seems utterly helpless.

Lee is constantly on my mind so I looked up at the shelves of precious things and chose to do a section that has these four turned bowls of his. He was so proud of them and all the other wooden things he made. Each day I use his tamping tool for compressing the fine grounds in the expresso machine. I sit at his long wormy chestnut trestle table in the dining room and type this post. Everywhere I look are bits and pieces of him left behind.

Once I rearranged the section of the living room I thought he could come through the door any minute and tell me the chair is out of place and maybe I should put it back. Funny how our minds work.

And another leaf I photographed at the river this morning. Bugs are reeking havoc on some plants.

Anyway today a friend comes for lunch and others come to have dinner with me and catch up. Covid and Lee’s dementia have kept me isolated for some time and I look forward to company.

I even ordered a spigoted glass container to make Sangria for friends coming in September.

Better get this posted…

Til later….