Watching for Details

I am thinking that if I am going to spend time chewing over the rest of my life then I had better take small bites. Notice the details of what might come next and not the entire picture. So yesterday I zeroed in on the small bits…parts of something bigger.

And I found this reminder tucked into a tree…

I came home and drew in my journal…

I finished the short story The Blue Collector and posted it under short stories on my website. Now somebody else can come to me with all their words needing to spill out. As yet no idea who that might be…..

And this morning back at the dam I am looking at parts in bright angled light.

When I returned home from the walk and grocery store (getting mostly cat treats for the ‘missing Lee’ cats and a few more Corona for myself) I drew again.

Yesterday I also met friends for lunch and put on some jewelry for the occasion. We sat outside and chatted and laughed. I have not done that in awhile. It was good. I live in an area where trump ignorance has a bit of a hold on some and until more snap out of it and get vaccinated for themselves, their families and the safety of others, I am not anxious to eat inside restaurants.

Patches was back at the vet for the second time in six weeks with nasal congestion issues. More shots, x rays, some claw trimming and she came back home. I showed her the bill and the stack of soft cat treats and food that makes my stomach lurch when I open it. I told her she should be grateful and not claw me to bits when I need to put her in the carrier again. She just gave me that look that only cats are capable of.

Finally my long term care insurance checks have caught up with Lee’s care and will be deposited monthly. I don’t know what people do without it except to lose whatever assets they have to get the government to take over. We were talking yesterday that being prepared for the future is so ingrained in us at our age because our parents survived the great depression and made sure we knew the steps necessary to be prepared.

Now I am going to have a bit of lunch and head to the studio to start planning on how to tackle those three men who have been waiting for wood block prints to dry.

Til later…..