Nice Walks/Pretending To Be At Basket Gathering Down Under

First off the other day I made a large pot of vegetable soup. I put crusty old rosemary bread in it to thicken. Since I don’t cook or eat chili anymore, I tossed in a couple of cans of chili hot beans in sauce for extra heat. It is tasty and will last me several meals without wondering what’s for lunch/dinner.

Next I spent the day in the closest town that could help me get my drivers license address changed. Beautiful view heading over the mountain to Franklin.

While in town I went to one of Lee’s and my favorite restaurants (it has been years since I was there) and treated myself to what we usually ordered.

The appetizer that came with my wine.

Calamari….our favorite there.

And a finish of crème brulee.

I also worked on the book I am making along with friends down under who are gathered making baskets and stitching bits of cloth.

Yesterday a long overdue walk at the dam.

And this morning finally back on the river…..lovely!

I wore the necklace Jude made for me when I went to lunch yesterday. She is so thoughtful to send this and others all the way from Australia. Now she is beavering away with friends making baskets and stitching at their Nindethana Gathering.

Thanks Jude, I miss you all.

That is all for today….mostly pictures.

Now back to laundry and mopping floors with my new cleaning mop.

Better get some lunch, too.

Til later…..