Off on Another Adventure

baldessin front door

I worked on this press all day today here at the Baldessin Studio. More printing of the photogravure plates I created yesterday. Here are the two larger ones.

photogravure print Anne's farm

photogravure print shearer's kitchen

Both are photos I took in Australia within the last few years. I rarely take pictures of people, just things and those wonderful Eucalyptus trees.

Before I had the one day course with Silvi Glattauer on the photogravure process of printing directly on the plate I spent two days giving a class here on book bindings that can accommodate the addition of prints. We also made pigments from the rocks we collected here on sight.

Baldessin pigments

Beautiful aren’t they? Lovely students as well. See them below grinding pigments and photographing the books made in class.

pigment grinding

silvi photoing books

We had a visiting kangaroo on the first day.

kangaroo peeking

Tomorrow I leave here for Melbourne then out to the class I am teaching in Halls Gap. I hope the weather is cooler there. Tonight it is more cold beer at a local pub in very good company and excellent conversations.

There are so many interesting people to listen to here in Australia. I collect their stories like small gifts to open later at home and share them with others. And when I do that, I am visiting them all over again, back in the pub without ever leaving home. I will write another blog entry when I can find enough time and internet.

More kangaroos for sure.