Memory Vessel - detail through side
Memory Vessel – detail through side

I am preparing for my classes in Australia. Several students have contacted me with questions about ideas that might squeeze into our time together. I hate to say no to anything they come up with. There is always a chance we can fit it all in. And right now I am trying to fit my own ideas and theirs into bundles for the ever-filling suitcase. We will make watercolors together with their precious soils and I will bring them earth pigments from here to share. We will work together on portfolios and journals for the studio and in the field. At the basket conference we set to the task of making small memory vessels of spun threads holding stories. Then I have planned to do some wood block carving using more gathered pigments for printing and finally altering books into cabinets to hold mementos and more stories. It is going to be a splendid trip and I am going to learn so much.