Random Thoughts and Work

After returning from Australia I noticed slight changes with Lee. So started the third hand of Responsibilities. Not only helping him take the garbage out but sometimes assisting with the tying of shoes, and reminding of teeth brushing. Emptying the litter box as he just does not notice it and using the hose on the vacuum cleaner. Plus he no longer drives anywhere, so I added his car key. Some days he can have no problems, and others, just a reminder can do. Here are the other two hands.

After sewing up the Meditation Journal, I decided to patch a jacket I bought about thirty years ago. Funny how you simply do not notice how things are falling apart and then that is all you see. Well I love this jacket so decided to just patch it up. I need to attach this patch to the back, not because it wore out there, but because I need some patches in other places.

Sleeves and pocket edges are the first to go. then why not just patch over all the spills? Another thirty years for this jacket is quite possible.

And I started on the bundling of the patriarchs. This is a copy from a slide made years ago….mid 90s. He was the strangest to wrap so he went first.

Teaching Stamina

There are several of this series but I am running a bit short of wrapping. Art Group comes later today and I think some will come with them. Otherwise the recycle store for old sheets is a trip planned for this next week. Once I finish all the “boys” I think I will shellac what I have so far.

On random thinking. These are things that I wonder about. How can a channel on TV run crime stories all day and night then when you turn it on in the very early morning there is a guy with dyed brown hair preaching the merits of giving lots of money to what appears to be a complying audience? Does god know these fellows are working so hard at filling their pockets with the savings of the gullible?

And another thought….who is it that climbs those trees and telephone poles to repaint the words, “Repent” and “Jesus Saves”? I never see anyone….only fresh paint….is there a miracle involved?

These are Sunday thoughts. Other days I never think of it. And another, do the evangelical women have some stock in cosmetic companies….especially eye makeup?

Okay, that is all I have today.

On a fun note, I told Lee this morning as we passed one pasture full of white cows, then some houses and another pasture full of black cows, that one of the houses was a paint shop that they all passed through to change color. On our return from the breakfast diner we noticed some of the black cows got past the paint house and mixed with the white ones at the other end. Both of us were amused by that.

Til later.