Catching Up With Trimming Trees And Sewing

Over Easter I trimmed all the Japanese maples and opened up the yard for it to be re-mulched and more pine straw added.  Things are growing fast!

Also back to stitching and finishing the Meditation Journal.

All eight pages sewn on both sides. They were turned into a book with a wrap tie. Making folios out of each “page” was too cumbersome. So here are some of the pages opened up.

Now I will finish up the long paper/cloth/stitch scroll of going to Australia and back. Here is the start of sailing off.

Then the land of sun and trees. Followed by seeds of ideas teaching workshops.

From there it goes to Tasmania and basket makers.

Into the outback of Uluru and Olgas.

And more of the Outback where Burke and Wills died.

And the final section of the return home.

A lot more stitching to be done on some sections with emu tracks meandering all through it and then it is finished. I still have some of these old Japanese scraps of cloth and might do something else with them….who knows?

I will photograph it when it is finished and before it goes to a framer.

Also need to get back to bundling the patriarchs. Almost all of them have been dug out but I need more wrapping materials.

Til later.