Sharing A Walk From Two Weeks Ago and New Drawings

I went to the gym as soon as I could this morning. I have to wait until there is enough light to feed the deer. I almost talked myself out of going over to the dam for a walk but was so glad I persevered. It was gorgeous and I was the only one there. So I took my time because of the amazing reflections.

My only company was this lone loon. He would not come closer so just shows up as a dark spot.

I liked how he swims across the sky and could have watched him much longer than I did. The walk at the dam gave me time to think about my studio work. Especially the heads. I have decided that the Homemaker needs to have stairs added to each house. They will extend like decks and find their way to the base…one meandering and the other more orderly. I will take pictures as I go with that idea.

While showing pictures of the dam, here is the latest bird for the Bird Stories Book. A swallow that frequently flies across where the pier juts out.

And the other day I started the drawing for a large board, 7″ by 24″. It was slow going but the grey owl is now completely drawn in.

Looking at the drawing in a photograph form I can see that more darkness is needed on the branch he sits on due to his own shadow. Once I am satisfied it will be slowly and precisely placed on the board with a keen eye to where those pesky knots are.

There has been no advancement on the house building since the footings are in. I stopped by to talk with the builder with a few questions yesterday. I wanted to make sure he could put a tray cupboard in the kitchen cabinets. It is so hard to put cookie sheets and cutting boards away on a flat surface. I also got some corrected measurements to place a tall cabinet in the dining room. And was told the pantry is only 20″ deep by 2′ but will have five shelves in it. And I left with a reminder from them to not hang artwork on the wall with a pocket door. They know hanging artwork is a top priority with me. I am hoping to be in by June

Tomorrow I will return to the Riverwalk but here are the pictures from when family was here over the holiday. It is a lovely spot that will be worth the twenty-five minute drive from my new house. The dam will only be a five minute drive.

This walk is stunning early in the morning. A half hour later and the magical light gives way to too much brightness.

Til later….