Still Drawing and Writing and Keeping Up With Myself

This week just flew by. I have all but the cover drawing finished for Scrabble’s Story.  Now I need to getting his story in easy reading words. Maybe tomorrow.

For now, I have this glass of Yellow Tail Jammy red wine. Yikes! It would have been very good dribbled over this morning’s breakfast.

There is a very dry frozen waffle under there. Colorful, isn’t it? And speaking of color, this was a dinner I fixed myself the other evening.

This is the year of the dragon. And Patsy from Australia sent me her linoleum printed one. She is so very talented with printmaking and other art media.  I am so happy with this and within ten minutes of getting it in a Happy New Year card, I had it framed and hanging with one of my own lino prints.

The other day I was cleaning out old but still very usable purses to take with shoes to the recycle center. I found a spiral notebook that was small enough to fit in a wallet. Evidently it went with me several years ago on a trip to Australia. I wrote this observation down as soon as I could slip off to the bathroom while the thought was still “warm”.

In Australia the voices ride over each other

never in a straight line.

Only when they become “soft”

do you know something “important” is coming.

Sometimes I think that I am missing the best parts.

Some of the women are like vocal automatons –

they come into a conversation and just speak.

Is it a planned attack on the existing conversation?

Those who were speaking stand no chance

of returning to what they were talking about.

All is forgiven with an air kiss and hug.

There are no pauses whatsoever.

Amazing to be among these “conversations”.

Today my new house cleaner and I interviewed each other. She has an accent of some place far, far away. She found my house and its things quite interesting. She will take special care of them. It will take her a couple of trips here to get the deep cleaning done to her satisfaction. She pointed out cobwebs in places I never look, gave me some cleaning tips on what supplies to not use because of damaging chemicals and demonstrated how a furniture beeswax polishes stainless steel better than specialized cleaners made for that purpose. Next week is her first day of digging in. And she loved my cats who chose not to scamper into the closet when she came into the same room. Perfect. She will be my monthly cleaning lady.

My financial advisor came this week and brought along his assistant. I consider her (the assistant) to be his interpreter for me. I keep a big basket of what I think is essential and when she comes, between rewording whatever he is trying to get into my head and making phone calls to make funds more profitable, she goes through it (the basket) to sort what I need to take to the income tax lady, what needs to be saved for the seven year obligation, and what I should shred. Most of the following day was spent shredding. It takes them four hours to drive here, get me sorted over the next two hours and then four hours back. Lovely. He keeps asking if I want to do anything special, take a trip, buy something, maybe a new car? But no, I am fine. I told him I was getting a cleaning lady and might take myself out to dinner more often. He sighed and said, “Good”.

I still head to the bar to write and have that Manhattan. Instead of getting back to Joey, the librarian, I wrote this.


Back in the bar

pizza ordered, Manhattan brought over.

Pen in hand over this large pad

that is waiting for words.


So am I.


Easy jazz vocals are overhead.

A couple sits at the bar

both on their devices, probably not in love

but probably were.


So was I.


And I write about the moments

I am living now. 

the ones I need to remember

about being here, being aware


Being alive


I’m waiting and watching

to see if there is anything,

anyone more important 

than this.


No. It’s Tuesday.                       

                                                S. Webster


That should do it for today. More another day.

Til then…..