Taking Control

This past week I decided to stop waiting for the decision to be made as to when and if I get the necessary new flooring. The builder is waiting for the flooring company to be found liable for costs and I found myself just waiting. So, I decided to just pay for all of it, new and better flooring, and the labor getting it put down. Whenever the settlement comes through, they can reimburse some or all of my expenses. And with the decision made, new flooring is coming in later this week and hopefully being laid the following week. I will have to stay with the workers and empty the furniture that has to be moved, find a surface to put it on and then replace it all as each section of floor is finished to the point of getting the furniture back in place. I have photographed each piece that will require a heck of a lot of work! Like this:

Just the upper part of my liquor cabinet…down below are serving pieces and wines, etc. No flooring laborer can be expected to empty this and then get it all put back correctly.

And this! One wall in my studio. Each shelf has to be labeled as to where it goes back together because these all come apart to be moved and although each piece is similar, that does not mean they will fit….so I intend to label each and every one of them. The easier I can make this on the laborers and myself, the better. Sadie is holding down just one corner of my work table.

Quite an adventure that should be over in a couple of weeks.

I have a new cleaning lady who does the most amazing deep clean. After seven straight hours this past week, she agreed to return for four hours each month. She brings all her own tools and cleaning supplies. She even washed a few windows that she felt needed cleaning. I am lucky I found her, and am very happy she agreed to do my house.

The other day while meeting someone for lunch in town, I noticed this wall by the local hardware store. I found it beautiful and plan to do a walk around town when the weather is nicer to find other beauty in the ordinary.

I need to take a walk to the river but since they now mow the meadow down to just an inch or so, it is not so magical. No pretty weeds and flowers, no insects, no birds wandering about…nothing but dead grass between here and the river. A bit boring.

I missed my Manhattan time at the local bar last week because I had to meet up with an old friend from out west who is in the area teaching. A very good catch up over pizza and wine. Last night I cooked a less-than-very good meal for friends…burned garlic toast, rather stiff pasta with doctored up marinara, and a salad wilted in the fridge because it was left too long with its dressing tossed in. They kindly called it “wilted” lettuce salad and ate it all. We topped it off with store-bought biscotti and more red wine that they brought along. A good four hours of visiting.

Looking for interesting patterns, I shot this view by the front door.

Sadie spent the day in the sun today while I finished off a friend’s debut novel…a good page turner of art and murder in a small Appalachian town by Bradley Wilson.

Today I ordered a small rice cooker to help me make something different from heating up frozen pizzas and cooking eggs with spinach. Beans and rice for a change sounds good. In the meantime I am stuck finishing off last nights pot of leftover pasta with meatballs and doctored marinara.

Maybe pour myself a single malt and find some British program while sitting with my cats.

Til later…..