Such a Busy Week!

Another trip to a favorite winery while Patrick was here.

He left for home early this morning hauling this behind.

We started packing the things hw wanted in there yesterday late afternoon.

Lee’s recliner, my large reading chair with ottoman and a bookcase Lee made several years ago was the first to go in. Then a belt sander and wood turning lathe from Lee’s shop, a slew of air compressor tools, with a finish off of a used kayak he was given this week from a dear departed friend’s estate.

I rearranged the living room so it did not look like too much was missing.

And the walks have continued even in the very cold trip to the dam this morning.

And Monday’s Riverwalk had a bit of color.

While Patrick was here he got our old power washer running so I could do the whole side walk, stepping stones and deck over at the apartment. Another job done!

I did get in a bit more sewing but Sadie put an end to it because she likes the old wood box I keep the project in.

I have not been to the cat shelter….yet. Still thinking about it though. Patrick helped me decide where the artwork I have will hang in the new house. He will be making the mantle for the stone fireplace in the living room when he returns for Thanksgiving. It will be made from a long thick board that Lee saved with many others and will be a wonderful way to take Lee with me. The builder is fine with the idea and will let us know the exact length to make the mantle.

That’s about all the news for now. Patrick is keeping in touch with his progress hauling the trailer back to Michigan….already well into Kentucky four hours after leaving here with a super powered expresso.

Til later….