Thanksgiving Day

This morning we took a walk along the trail. It looks so different from the last time I showed pictures. The mist made it perfect for photographing. Let’s walk.

And we are back home…

I finished the latest and sixth Responsibility Hand…more small things to take on and remember it happens.

And my last four days of drawings….still on those scarves.

Very old worn saris

make up these Kantha stitched scarves

and they were on sale!


One side apple green

the other a soft beige hue.

lovely knitted wool.


Less than successful

attempt at eco dyeing

but such a soft silk.


Hand dyed and then stitched

long loose silk and cotton scarf

made by thoughtful friend.


My mother used to cut poems she liked out of magazines and newspapers. I would sometimes do the same. This one from The Detroit Free Press in 1972 or 73 seems appropriate today. I pasted it to a recipe card back then, which also seems appropriate. Never found the author.

“Lord, in thy Mercy’s tender care

hear one earnest urgent prayer

for all who wander to and fro

and have no special place to go.

Who see the windows warm with light

in other people’s homes at night.

And feel their loneliness the more

that others hurry to some door

where love expectant warms the air

and one is loved by those who care.

Bless those who rootless, restless roam

and have no place to be at home;

remember those we may not know

who have no special place to go.”


That’s it for today. I am going to watch “cop shows” with Lee, fix hotdogs for lunch, read some more of our book to him and then work on a simple Thanksgiving dinner of Cornish game hen, dressing, broccoli with hollandaise and pumpkin pie!

Til later