The Japanese Garden Book Prints in Progress

Japanese garden book prints on wall
Today I am printing the wood block for the Japanese Garden Book. The etching press is leaving some nice marks on the pages that will be trimmed and placed one in front of the other.

It never occurred to me to clip my prints to a line until I saw it done in the studio of a print maker I follow on facebook. I always looked for flat surfaces and hoped the cat would keep off them until they dried. Such a simple solution this is. When a person works alone in the studio just doing their work, it is easy to just keep to the old ways of doing without even wondering if there is a better solution. Just keep working, keep working.

I am still not sure on the binding but at least can see how they will look when printed. Next week I will size them to just fit into their separate windows and just hope that what I see in my head can happen. Otherwise I will figure something else out.

Here are close up views as they will be paired with an extra print that may be the cover…..not sure about that yet.


japanese garden book page 1

japanese garden book page2

japanese garden book page 3

japanese garden book cover