The Studio

student studio
This is my studio this week. It is filled with the materials and work of two private students who have come bringing everything they can that relates to their aspirations for the week. I do maintain one small area for myself to work on the clock parts for “In Search of Lost Time” but find myself more and more involved in what they are doing. Their ideas are big and the hours are long for all of us. We are learning so much from one another.

And as if we did not have enough to work with, two of us are taking off today on a hunt for more parts, more tools, more things that just might be what we need. One is left in the studio by herself to work at her own pace to complete large canvas panels with recessed sections and carefully placed imagery and text that supports her concept.

Next week when they are both gone the studio will return to its open spaces for me to spread out and try my hand at what I am learning from them this week.  Or I will immerse myself even further in my own work and see if I can come close to the accomplishments made by others in my space.