The Things I Used to Do – This is Different!

I used to weld old rusty things together with a wire welder – there is a name for it, but I can’t remember what it is, maybe a MIG welder, maybe not. One of several things I welded was two fencers for our children who are still active in the world of fencing. Our daughter runs a fencing club and our son directs fencing bouts all over the country. I am not sure that these have even held together this many years later. But finding pieces, cleaning the rust off enough to get them to stick to another and build fencers was really fun. So here they are.

Fencer 1



Fencer 2


Here is a detail of the second one’s front.

Fencer detail


I even put some of the blacksmith’s discards of vines to lean this fencer up against. Most of the parts came from the local farmers who let me scrounge through their barns for interesting parts. Here is my first ever one of a bear that likely resides in pieces in a garden. They were loads of fun to do until the offers of old satellite dishes and the like starting coming in. I could see where it was going and finished up the last of the pieces in the forms of people and dogs and now my welder has been given away. Smart move, I think.