The Things You Want to Come Back To

little house for blog
There is something about this small house structure that I helped at student put together in a memory vessels workshop. She wanted various rooms for her past and her children and we started with fragile gauze stitched into the shape and then coated over and over with wet gesso. Sometimes it would not stand and required positioning several ways while it dried to prevent too much drooping in any direction. We helped it stay upright by placing branches on each side. She placed what she wanted inside the rooms and I think we considered it finished. I want to make a village of these, a residential street, maybe stacked as apartments. I want to wallpaper the rooms, maybe close one off, maybe a window in the attic. I am coming back to this little house. In a way it reminds me of one I did a few years ago to house a selection of miniature books.

miniature books for blog