Time Passing

I drew this portrait from a photo I took of myself not too long ago. Time passes.

It was added to my drawings fabrics book after more drawings into and about cloth and Nature and then Sadie.

The pond man came last week and while cleaning the pond found all but two fish missing. Remember when it looked like this before winter?


There was close to two hundred fish in there, including old Jay, a 12-15 year old fan tail who I loved seeing resurface each spring. The pond man said it was likely a raccoon on a holiday. I don’t even see the last two so he certainly knew where to find food. We never had that happen before. I might think twice before getting more fish. Probably will when the raccoon moves on for lack of food here. Times change.

Lee on one of his last walks up the hill past his rock wall.

The moving day is Monday next week. Movers could not be found until Friday and the new place likes to have a full staff to greet him which is not possible on the weekend. A friend will help me set his room up Friday afternoon.

Lately he has been thinking he is not going to be here…going back home or someplace. He reminded me today that I needed to fix something when he goes away. I said I would take care of whatever needs doing.