We Are Ready!

Final wrapping of the dioramas and the last of some old personal history. Three panels with my hand prints and the things pertinent to my grandmother, Mom Mae. Even has some of her recipes copied from old recipe cards of hers.

Her recipe for “Squaw Corn”. Remember it was the fifties…

What struck me when I found these in storage was that I only showed them once in undergraduate school and got the “too nostalgic” look for those bits of cloth and sentiments. Now I look at what I am doing now and it is back to small bits of cloth and stitch and papers…..SAME THING!

So here are the works all put together in their order of going down in the hole.

My personal.

The patriarchs.


Expedition to Elsewhere and more details of them.

The bits and pieces that get buried along with all the soils collected over the years.

And lastly the art group notebooks.

All carrying some rosemary with them.

I am relieved that all this work is finished and here is where they will end up ….. out there where the sun is shining.

Til next time. I might do more writing and less pictures.