Finishing Up Fragments and On the HomeFront

I am using the old dictionaries to find images to add to the fragments.

So many nice images. I am not so sure that newer dictionaries have all these illustrations. Anyway I have framed all but one of the Fragments pieces. Here are some of the other ones.

So now I have used up five frames that I had glass cut for last year. I do not really have a shop to send these to so they will just hang in the studio til someone comes along.

Last week Lee helped me chop herbs to make a seasoning to package up for Christmas gifts. It takes a very long time to chop by hand and then it has to dry for days before it can be put in jars. This one is rosemary, thyme, oregano, garlic and sea salt.

We will make more next week after a private student returns home. She is spending a couple of days to learn how to make a personal field journal/box. Much like this one.

And I am filling in the third hand of Responsibility. Lee has trouble using the vacuum, sorting the recycling bottles, pulling weeds, and locating which drawer his underwear is in when he goes to take his shower in the morning. I now lay those out for him. I also have to load that pesky weeder eater cord onto the spool for him. But lately he has lost interest in cutting the grasses and weeds down. I can’t say as I blame him. And they are far enough away from the house so what does it matter?

While I am showing a friend how to make her field journal I think I will create a box for all the gifts and thank you books/cards from my Australian students. It will be fun to make compartments for each of them. Such treasures deserve a good place to be.

That’s it til later when I post the results of working in the studio this week.