Workshops Coming Up In Australia

I have just short of five weeks to spend with students and friends in Australia this coming Spring….Spring here, Fall there. It is going to be a very good time for me. There are four workshops planned to fill the time.

It all starts here at the door to the studio at Baldessin Press in St. Andrews, VIC.

March 4th and 5th we will do as many book bindings as possible. Here are some examples of what can be achieved. Register at

Next stop is Beautiful Silks in Allansford, Vic.

This is a very intimate setting for a small group to meet up and explore the possible forms and placement of Memory Vessels. We will start with making paints from soils of places of memory to use on the works made in class and later in the students’ studios. Here is an excerpt from the description for the class taking place March 10, 11, 12. Contact Beautiful Silks above for more details.

This is a three day class that delves into how we can physically contain a memory. Our goal is to create an individual vessel that can be held, positioned and put away whenever there is a need to either keep it handy, look at it another way or keep it safe. There are memories that simply need to be cast off altogether and the vessel form might need to be dispatched in a flurry of ash or floated down a stream. Often one memory leads to another and only a series of vessels that are either tied/placed together in a particular order or piled into another larger container will hold the collective flood of memories. And maybe they simply need to stop coming and this is a way of saying, “Enough!”

These can take so many forms but here are some ideas……


On March 18th through the 23rd I will be teaching a masters class on white line printmaking for stitching into books and sculpture at Grampians Texture in Halls Gap, Vic. This class has been full for some time and there is likely a waiting list. But here is a bit of what we will be doing with paint making, printing and stitching.

Then after spending a few days working together in a large house with friends and ideas, I move on to Goolwa in SA to repeat the Memory Vessels from April 1 – 3 before flying home the following day.

Contact for that workshop is

I hope to see some of you in class or on my travels in Australia.