Writing About Scrabble, the Rat, and Drawing As It Goes

We had a dusting of snow this past week, but only sticking to the mulch. Much more cold weather with predictions of more snow coming up for next week. I would like to see Spring! Even the mourning doves are huddling together around the pond.

I have been trying to capture Scrabble, the rat’s story by way of writing just so much and then doing the drawings to that point. So here it is so far…no illustration is more than 3″ across.

Scrabble at sea in his post atop the mast.

Then the shipwreck causes him to clamber into the captain’s wine crate to stay afloat.

He swims for shore.

And falls unconscious in the sand.

The native hen gives him a nudge to see if he is still alive.

He wakes to stare into the eyes of an echidna.

The story has gone a bit further but this is all the illustrations so far. Needless to say I am keeping myself entertained. When I am not drawing and coloring illustrations, I am writing poetry and working on short stories.  I stopped going to the bar for a good Manhattan and write in a quiet corner. They have changed the hours and now don’t open until five p.m. Seems more people would be there at that hour…and there would be so much chattering going on.

I went to the second monthly poetry meeting this week. There were so few of us there that we were able to have a good discussion of how and why we write.  I read this.

The Sigh


I like the quiet of myself.

There are no unnecessary noises.

Just the scratch

of pen on paper.


And of course the occasional sigh.

Is it fatigue or exasperation?

More often I think it is a longing.

But for what I do not know.


The sigh is a noise the heart makes.

A cry in a way that says,

“I am here….

and I want something.”


And all I want is quiet

So I can figure out


What is mattering to the heart today.

S. Webster

They ask how long it took me to write this.  I say, 5 minutes tops. they ask how I manage to continually write in so few words such strong emotional feelings. I told them I don’t think…I just respond in words to a feeling that needs defining. I am not burdened by what form I should use, whether it should be sent somewhere for publishing, I do not think! I only react with words in an pattern that allows me and the reader to breathe and understand. That is how I see poetry. They say I am very adept at “free verse.” I am happy that they have found a place to put me.

I am improving with my tai chi classes. Which means I am not stumbling around so much like an old goat. The key is just keep at it. Also I am adding 25 minutes on the bike at the gym before heading off for coffee with the men.  It seems to be good for my knees as I pedal along and let my mind wander as I watch for the sun to come up through the window.

This week the basket makers are gathering again in Tasmania, so I will be able to pull out the Gathering Book and work along with them. It is so much fun to see the pictures on facebook of them all stitching and weaving together. They laugh a lot, and sometimes I can hear them from here. I miss them.

Not much else new here. I just plan on continuing. And thank you to those who send messages about how much they enjoy parts of the blog, certain sentences, another way of seeing the world through my experiences. I can feel you listening and am so grateful that you do, and take the time to tell me.

Til later…..