All Over The Place

This morning was a nice foggy walk to the gym. The sun trying to make its way through a haze of fog and perhaps smoke from burns.

For the past few days I have been working out how to meet the demands of self-publishing. Of course designing the cover is so much more fun for a visual artist. I found this black and white photo from under graduate school. I was taking a photography class while working on an installation about men leaving home. When asked, most men told me it was a lack of nourishment of one kind or another. This image made in black and white back then seemed perfect for a book of poetry.

But unfortunately, too low a resolution. I know I have the original somewhere so could just scan it to start over but then I thought, just photograph it again, because I still have the work. So now I have another photo of it sitting on rocks outside my front door on the walk with no background distractions. Then I decided to locate and alter other images that would make good book covers for my writings…and got completely sidetracked with the memories of the pieces of sculpture. Now I have plenty to choose from.

Speaking of books and poetry, Andie, a most thoughtful and intuitive friend from Australia, sent me a book of poetry that takes fifty poems and discusses their purpose and meaning. Just what I needed as the poetry group seems only to get together to read and not answer my way too many questions. Thanks so much Andie.

Also I have ordered Cressida Campbell’s book from the exhibition at the National Gallery in Canberra.

I think it was bothering me to not see her work up close and this is the next best thing.

My studio is a mess of felt, threads, pins and needles as I attempt to put the most contemptuous of the Republican Party in pincushion form. Today I completed DeSantis and the representative Santos, known for his lack of ability to tell anything but lies, and has a flair for dressing up. Here they are dancing together. DeSantis is sporting a Mickey Mouse hat and his too long Trump tie. And Santos’s nose increases in length as he tells more whoppers in his dress up heels.

They will get well-deserved pins before joining their peers.

That all was yesterday. I got sidetracked with filling a request to make a drawing of what the “common ground” area could look like here in the subdivision.

And this morning I decided that I should not put off getting my car inspected and a new license tag. As soon as the inspection was over, I shoved all relevant paperwork in my glove compartment and came home. Once here I realized that I was still registered in my former county. So decided to go the thee tag office and try to sort it out. Reaching into the glove compartment, I found that the necessary document I just received from the inspector had completely disappeared! I found former inspection sheets and car repair records from over ten years ago, but not the paper I needed. I went back to ask the man for another ( which he gave me ).  Then off to the tag office to correct my county information and pay the state for the new tag.

A woman busy working on her biscuit waved me over. I heard all about her indigestion from the night before and her unwillingness to forego sloppy joe sandwiches, as she worked diligently to sort me out. The cost was ten dollars cheaper in this county and she complimented me on my wrinkly linen pants as I went out the door. I won’t see her for another year but am already looking forward to it.

And as soon as I got home and opened the now cleaned out glove compartment to put the new papers in, my inspection paper from earlier fell out the back.

Seems I should show a picture of the old un-nourishing bowl in the new photograph.

I need to stop messing about with photos and memories and get busy stitching the four worst Supreme Court members.

More later…..