A Nice Several Days

A red bud and a dogwood next to the driveway.

The front yard is greening up.

And azaleas in bloom…only because the deer can’t get to them here.

Some walks at the river…..

And at the dam….

I had to go down near the water to get this picture of a new installation.

And walks from the gym over to the new house on frosty mornings.

Frost-filled dandelions.

My doctor’s office is within walking distance of my new place. Here is a view from her parking lot. A short walk inside got me an A+ on the annual wellness physical. Last year I just broke down in her office and hugs and a heart check was the extent of the physical. Much better this year.

Blooms are everywhere in Hayesville. This morning I interrupted a wild turkey checking out the shops in town and arguing with his reflection. I left the turkey to walk down the hill to see my house construction…but not much new there. It is a good walk with the steep decline down and coming back up.

The other day the mailbox held wonderful surprises.

A book from a recent visitor.

And an exhibition booklet from friends in Australia.

India Flint’s page…

And how it opens up completely….all done on one sheet.

I love not only the thoughtfulness but the threads wrapped around the book. I will put those to good use.

This morning after the gym, walk and groceries I did two more drawings for Burke and Wills book.

After learning to fly Burke likes to keep any eye on Wills from up in the tree.

And even took Wills for a boat ride.

Patrick arrives this weekend to spend the week helping out and then loading another trailer to take back home. Marla will get the rest of my wooden flat file, Amy will get the beautiful walnut loom that Lee made me in 1982, and Patrick will finish taking what little is left in his father’s shop.  I plan on filling all empty spaces with more small things not going with me to the new place.

I am going to enjoy the company and especially going out to dinner to our favorite restaurant. It has been well over two years since I have had dinner there. Oysters and a lovely white wine to start off. Then if the weather is nice we will take friends to a winery and indulge even further.

That is about all I have to say for now. If I don’t do a blog every four days then I have too many pictures to post.

Til later….