More Walking and Packing

Patrick has arrived and we took yesterday off to check out the building and have lunch out. Not much headway on the house so I did not take pictures. We did talk about where art work will hang and best places for odd bits of furniture.

I walked the dam the day before he arrived.

Saw a pair of mallards.

Then this morning a lovely walk along the river.

And this cypress tree base showing also these root bumps that grow around it in the lower right.

They are such odd-looking protrusions and very hard. It will be interesting to see how high they grow. Right now they look like very strange protruding mushrooms.

I did get a new drawing done for Burke and Wills. They are older and reading books here.

I think the story will open with the two of them in a care home where they are room mates reminiscing about how they met and their adventures.

And I am halfway through the book Mink River. I found I had to stop reading often to just breathe. The author writes like a poet on the fly. Such a story teller. I will hate it when it ends and will loan it to only one person who will read it quickly and return it to me so I can take notes in the margins. It is that good if you appreciate poetic story telling.

I had to look the author up after just a few pages in and found he had written only two other books and many essays before dying of a brain tumor at only sixty years of age. His daughters were so lucky to have such a wonderful story teller for a father.

All for now…..