A Very Good Four Days

I am feeling more like getting to work on a new project. Mainly because there was an hour and a half facetime call with friends in Australia Friday night. They are the ones that I shared a house with after my workshops there in the Grampians of Victoria. The work they did the previous week in class was so inspiring. Especially the Chinese Dragon Scale Book. I think I will make a very long drawing/painting of my river walks and use it for the turning scales. This book is worth a look online to see some of the complexities. We also are thinking of our project for the coming year. It has to do with picking a color….mine will be the browns. This way as we touch base through the year we can see how we are doing with our focus work. They are such a group of inspiring makers….and I needed that call. I have not met many artists here in my new area.

But I did have a member of my old art group here with his wife three days ago. He brought along some of his collaged sheets of interesting juxtapositions of imagery and objects. Fun to see him still making me smile. His wife brought me a book from the ones donated to her library. It is wonderful pop up from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. I will show some of the pictures here.

Some of the illustrations are cutout windows and the others are cut forms mounted to pages to create shadows. Very clever and reminded me of my own cutout books, like the Covid one.

I also had a bit of time to do some pages in the Gathering Book for basket makers in Australia. It makes me feel like I am with them when they get together with materials and laughter.

I colored the wine in the glass with my own red wine.

Then there was the walk to the river that is inspiring the Dragon Scale Book.

And the native dogwood by the river that is just a bit ahead of the one in my yard with its blooms coming out.

I took a picture of my four autobiographical sculptures of right and left brain activities just to remind myself that all I need to do is just get busy!

Now I am off to meet friends for lunch and need to tidy up a bit.

Til later….