A Very Productive Four Days

I watched seagulls sweeping around the parking lot while getting time in on the treadmill at the gym the other morning. So I drew one for the bird book. Two days later I drew another bird in flight. It is way too early to see hummingbirds here but they make me think of Spring.

These mosses and lichens caught my eye. They appeared after two days of intense rain and just glowed in the sunlight. All attached to Japanese maples in the front yard.

I love the patterns, colors and textures in this last photo.

Then the very big news! The board shear is safely in its new home over in Tennessee. I could hardly bear to watch as the moving took place getting all that weight from my studio over to the truck. First, several pieces were removed, to go from over five hundred pounds to a more manageable four hundred, or there abouts. Getting it through the 42″ wide glass door opening was a challenge to start and then.

The ground is not in the least level and deep with damp leaves. An ingenious way to move it along on two pair of rails made to fit.


And finally in!

Next the large flat file was taken out.

And away they went!

It was so nice to get a confirmation picture of a happy guy and the board shear all put back together and working. A very good day yesterday.

I am working on stitching cloth into the large owl wood block print. It is going to take a long time to cover all the tree parts like this but it is the only way I can tell if I like it….just do it, no matter the time involved.

I really do like this detail. I am using chemically rusted tarlatan that I made up a very long time ago to use in mixed media pieces. The variations in color were a combination of using black tea, ferrous sulfate, and caustic soda baths in different orders to achieve different results. I learned this coloring process from Adele Outteridge of Australia back about twenty-two years ago.

At first I thought I would snip away at the fabric to expose more of the black ink marks. But then changed my mind and decided to put the black back in with lots of stitching using single strand embroidery floss. The doubled paper with a bonding between takes the abuse of needle and my gripping to get a good hold. I will see it through to the end, give it a good press, and then decide which of these prints I want to frame.

All the rain caused there to be no slab being poured at the new house this week. But a nice chat with the builder over coffee and an assurance it will be done this coming week of many sunny days. I don’t think the move can happen until June at the earliest. There are still supply issues involved.

That gives me plenty of times to finish the throwing out of what little is left and packing up more boxes. Patrick will take one more trailer load back to Michigan before the house is shown. Then Lee’s shop will be washed and repainted.

I keep arranging furniture on the floor plans of the new house to make sure all of those decisions have been made and the moving in will be an easy chore for me and the movers.

There is not much else to say. Now it is stitching or drawing or working on a short story for the rest of the day.

Til later….