A Day for Hot Chocolate

After working out at the gym early this morning I tried to take a walk at the dam. This is as far as I got and turned back. A very bitter wind as I started across.

The last couple of days were busy getting the equipment I am giving away ready to go. The board shear in the studio is broken down to make for easier loading on Saturday. The big metal flat file is cleaned out with spare papers bundled up for loading on Saturday as well. AND all the gym equipment is gone from the office and into a new home. It is wonderful to see so much empty floor space.

Several days of drawing in the Bird Stories Book.

Owl nest in a tree.

And baby owls in a tree.

I think they are so cute.

And this morning, waiting for the realtor to show up, I finished a baby bird and added a Robin.

The realtor loves the house and will get back with me on her estimated asking price within two weeks. She agrees with me that the only thing I need to do before showing is clean and repaint Lee’s shop and adjoining half bath. There is just an amazing amount of dirt/sawdust/grime clinging to walls and floor. I have two months to get that done.

Also as far as the yard goes, just the spread of pine straw the first part of April.

I told her I wanted to take my refrigerator, washer and dryer with me…and from the yard my Japanese stone lantern and all the round smooth rocks family and friends have given me. She had no problem with any of that and made a note.

Did you know that in real estate terms a bedroom cannot be classified as a bedroom unless it has a closet? I said we never wanted one in the guest room because Lee and I thought no one would be staying long enough to need a closet. So she is putting it down that there is a designated closet in the hall by the spare room. Then she pointed out that the shared wall between the bedroom and office could be turned into closets for each room because there was plenty of space for that to happen. There could be two guest rooms downstairs and my studio space would make a very nice big family room. She saw possibilities everywhere. She’s a good choice.

I think what she liked the most was that the house and apartment/shop are all stone…something she says you rarely see now.

Lee has tested negative now for Covid and has been returned to his room.

I am going to drive down to get the mail and then fix a hot chocolate. It is one of those damp, grey listless kind of days.

Tomorrow I will go to the gym and drive by the house site to see if the slab has been poured. If so, I can do another drawing in the New House Book.

Til later…..