Where Did The Time Go?

I saw this in the meadow on my way back home from the gym the other morning.

It reminded me of those campy body snatcher movies of the fifties. I think I remember a housewife in an apron (of course) heading into her garden to get some vegetables and being met by aliens looking rather sneaky and aggressive. Then a man came along and rescued her. These plants growing along the edge looked like them. I like it. The picture and what it conjures up.

There was no man around to save me if they got closer.

Sunrises are beautiful.

A walk to the river the other day with a view through a favorite tree.

And more subjects to draw in the Meadow Book.

The cats and I have been enjoying the porch.

My yard man installed the next to last bamboo fence yesterday. One more taller one for the left end of the garden.

It is nice sitting on the porch and listening to the water going into the pond.

I have spent a considerable amount of time sorting out poetry and essays for two books I would like to publish before the summer ends. Yes, S. Webster has been busy. I think Sandy Webster will publish The Burke and Wills Story. I have made choices for cover images. This whole thing is not an easy process but encouragement from family, friends and some in the poetry group has got me working toward finished products. More on that as it progresses.

And then because the felt arrived and the desire to make more pincushions is getting intense with every bit of news, this morning I cut out the really conservative and appalling Supreme Court Justices sitting shoulder to shoulder.

left to right, Clarence Thomas with his wife, Ginny, whispering her deluded wishes in his ear (might have to stick some bills in his pocket as well). Then Justice Alito who is overly influenced by his Catholic faith. Next is Justice Kavanaugh and his beer. And finally Coney-Barret proudly wearing her Handmaid’s Hat. Stitching, stuffing and pins to go.

After that who can resist a wrestling (what else) match between Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan for most obnoxious in their party. I think I will attach them at hands and feet so I can flip them over every once in awhile to see who is on top. And of course Margery Taylor Greene with mouth open, all muscles gripping her weapon of choice. Lindsay Graham in a boot-licking position and DeSantis in a Mickey Mouse hat dancing with Santos in heels. When you think of it, the GOP has slipped way lower than anyone could have imagined.

Tomorrow is the annual Car-B-Q in town.  The square is lined with parked old cars and proud owners raising hoods for closer inspection.

I might just wander up for a look.

More later…..