Almost In!!

No turning around now! The builder says I can follow my things right into the house on Monday! Amy and Ben will be here on Sunday to lend a hand. The cats trip to the vets to be boarded is canceled because they can come with me and help with the boxes…they so want to see them all emptied and waiting for their inspection.

So here are some changes these past few days at the house.

And today, this little beauty is in place!

Then while the cleaners and touch up painters were busy, my landscaper and I went to our favorite nursery…..and bought all the right things!

While we were gone his helper worked on the sculpting of top soil.

Here are some of the plants for along those mounds and water pond.

The opposite side of the house is filled in with camelias and azaleas we picked out this morning. I will take a picture tomorrow. Next week we will select some large rocks and have a pallet of smaller rock delivered. Those will be placed in areas where the mulch will not be put down. The landscaper will also pick up the Japanese lace leaf maple and lovely drooping Blue Atlas cedar that will be in the front yard with an Asian sculpture and large rocks.

The selection of plantings and mounds will afford a degree of privacy in a subdivision where the houses are only twenty feet apart. Because of the floor plan there are only two windows that look toward another house to the side. And you can see from the triple windows in the living room, if I keep my shades half way down, all I see is my small Japanese garden.

And this morning when I dropped in to see the men and have coffee, this was sitting on the table.

It is a glass cake plate! One of the men shoved it toward me and the one who brought it in for me said it was because I always brought them donuts and he thought I should have it. Before thinking, I blurted out, “Do you know how many cake plates I have given away?” Undaunted by my rudeness by not adhering to the stop sign visualization rule to stop and think before speaking, he went on to point out the merits of this particular cake plate! If you put the top on the plate as it looks now, then you have sort of a fruits and dip arrangement that keeps the flies off.  BUT, turn the bottom part upside down and you have elevated the cake to a degree of enhancement and still keep the flies off.

I offered it to the other men there and received no takers….most of them said they already had one. So I stared at the cake plate. Tried lifting it up whole and decided it was too heavy. So out to the car it went to be safely packed for delivery to the new house.

His cake plate gift was the very first thing moved into the new house.

Sadie and Dilly have taken to perching on the porch things that they sense are going with us.

There are a couple of things about the house that might take a bit longer…the glass shower doors are hung up somewhere. I asked for some pullout shelf/drawers under the bathroom vanity.

But all in all I am very pleased to be moving in and getting the feel of the place.

Next you hear from me it will be from there or maybe the library because the internet may not be hooked up.

Til later….