And So It Goes

As you will see I finished with the small collection of Indonesian carved bottles. So I went to the studio and brought up a basket of small foundry molds and other wooden bits to draw next.

My head rolls behind

the bookshelf and then gets stuck.

But not any more.


We cut some bamboo

into little serving cups

as seen in Japan.

Some of our more tippy bottles have to stand in these cups to keep them upright.

An interesting

foundry mold once constructed

for something. But what?


It boggles the mind

how metal parts from these molds

all fit together.

And the Bush Book is nearing completion. After the luna moth double page comes this.

A pileated woodpecker, mud wasp, crow and ground hog (wood chuck).

Now I am on the next to last double page. I started with the wild turkey, then a bullfrog, a kingfisher, red tailed hawk and coyote before that page is finished. I have something fun planned for the final section.

I will need to make covers for the Bush Wildflower book. But it is pretty well ready to start on.

Lee is slipping a bit more this week. I have had a person let me know they could schedule in some time for him. Our doctors office is sending a list of names of people who do this kind of work. Just sitting for awhile so I can disappear for maybe an hour or so.

I think I would love to go over to the apartment and just write another story. Find new friends on a legal pad to hang out with. Our friend from up north is coming down to stay for a week or so to take a weekend class and hang out with Lee. But that is not until late April.

In the meantime I take great comfort in the supportive emails and comments on facebook. The vast majority of those come from Australia. And it is getting close to the time I would be heading down there….but not this year. To say I will miss it is an understatement. The chatter of friends, the salads loaded with rocket, pumpkin and goat cheese, the perfectly poached eggs with avocado and crusty bread, the wine, the shops that always have the best little things that have been waiting for me, the feeling of belonging, being in a place where age is seen as “gorgeous”, surrounded by kindness……

Lee is back outside stacking rocks. We tried a new brewery today as our usual is closed for two weeks. It wasn’t bad. We’ll go back.

The other day Lee thought his electric tooth brush was his electric razor. Easy to understand as they are close to each other on the vanity. We both laughed when I showed him the difference. His comment, “Yeah I noticed it wasn’t working very well but sure felt good.”

A little humor in a week filled with sorry-ass Senators excusing an impeached president. Pathetic times here in the states and Australia when it comes to those given power over the rest of us.

More later.