More Drawings – More Cooking – More Kind Words

Last week I made up a large batch of puttaneska and put several containers in the freezer Now all it needs is some pasta, Parmesan, wine and two hungry people. Beautiful isn’t it? Lee and I are taking our comfort where we can get it nowadays. Several kind emails lately that we appreciate, (or I do anyway). A friend who comes down from the north for Christmas has volunteered to return for a week in the spring to give me some time alone….just an hour a day is a dream at this point. She is very good at paying attention to Lee.

Still looking for someone to be that paid friend, but not much new there. I will check more places soon.

In the meantime I am preparing the twenty-eight page accordion book for painting wildflowers. It is now all stitched as much as I want with thread and fabric scraps and getting a good press in the studio.

And the Drawing a Day continues….

Wooden carved bottle

with head pulled out his insides

could hold anything.


Wooden head stopper

for an incised horn bottle

that holds some secrets.

I am the biggest

in the family of five

carved powder bottles.


Well actually

I am the biggest bottle,

and tilting to fit.


I rescued the fallen head of bottle number five and drew it this morning. Then this series is over. I will have to find some more interesting things ….. maybe a group of things down in the studio. I don’t get down there very much and forget the things that are there.

Lee and I went to the liquor store the other day to get him some more Southern Comfort. He likes this sweet drink late in the day. It helps with oncoming sadness.

I hear him whistling out in the garage. Things must have gone well with the relocation of rocks.

Til later.