Another Four Days Gone

The other day I walked over to the Indian mound near the gym and then over to see the progress on the house. My place as seen from the mound. I has the red roofing.

While walking by the creek I found the perfect tree to use as a model for the Burke and Wills house.

Then at the house…..

My tiny 8′ x 10′ screen porch slab…just off the dining room.

And the tree out back is right in the middle of the three windows in the living room. I will try to extend my landscaping to it.

Another bird in the bird book….a phoebe.

And a few more drawings for Burke and Wills story.

Their tree house using the photo above. And the reason they can move in is because Robby Robin told them that Boris and Belinda, a river rat couple are going further south in search of warmer weather and leaving their house. (Robby Robin helps Burke find food.)

I am thinking simpler lines for the drawings…we’ll see how I go.

Signs of Spring at the dam yesterday.

This morning’s walk along the river….

And more drawings in the house building book.

These extra tabs between signatures are perfect for adding in bits and pieces I find in the construction materials and papers from the builder.

My lot is the circled one.

The folded up truss layout plan and papers from materials used. Views of different sides of the house.

A fork lift parked beside the house seemed like a fun thing to draw. Hopefully when I go back on Monday the interior walls will be in. I saw the builder yesterday and I need to pick out tile for the master shower. I am glad to use the same local flooring company that Lee and I used for every house we built here. I will see them Monday when I go back into town and pick up the three finished framed wood block prints.

A bit of snow is forecast for tomorrow morning. I will do laundry and draw in my books all day.

Yesterday I had the most delightful chat with a friend in Australia. We did it on our Iphones where we could see each other. She was having coffee while I was having wine. We will do it again when they are all together in the large house we rented when I finished teaching the workshops with them. I will get to see what they have done in their class and what they are working on while together. They will hopefully send pictures of the kangaroos and pesky cockatoos. …maybe even a live chat over their flat whites in our favorite morning cafe while I have an Aussie red here at home. Their workshop instructor is in for such a treat having this group of five in her class.

Not much else new here…trying to think of what I might fix for dinner. It is boring cooking for one.  Oh, I know…shrimp with spinach and pasta in a light tomato/cream sauce and parmesan. Sounds good and a breeze to fix. I ordered Milk Street’s new cookbook, Cookish. It sounds just what I need to keep it simple and tasty…six ingredients max with all sorts of substitutions.

That’s it for now…

Til later…