Back in the Studio

The other morning I got six prints pulled from the wood block. It took lots of ink and hand pressure to get three workable ones. I was a bit out of practice but using tai kozo paper helped me see where it needed more rubbing. Now I can get back to designing and carving the center blocks. After those are printed in place and dried I will figure out where and what type of cloth to patch in. They will need to be fused to a stitchable bonding material.

Back to the dam for an early walk.

This shot of my long shadow was taken as soon as that sun came over the horizon and before it slipped into the morning clouds above.

Then this morning back to the Riverwalk to see how much the flood waters receded.

Beautiful that early in the morning. Even caught a beaver busy at work.

What are these creepy looking stems along this stretch of the river? they look like they could be juicy inside but their suddenly ended tops are wilted dead looking ends. Like they just gave up doing whatever they had in mind when they sprouted. The beaver was in this only section of those strange plants.

While working on my drawings today the cleaning lady’s husband came and took the twin bed away to set up a room for a very cute visiting granddaughter.

Drawing these pale smooth bits of driftwood was not that easy. I will pick harder edges for the next drawings. But I need to sit and stitch more pieces first.

I sometimes catch myself just stuck standing, not knowing where to go next in the house. There are so many choices now my time is my own. Should I go off to Asheville and buy something? Take myself to lunch in a restaurant? Visit an art gallery? Too many choices, too hard to make up my mind. I will stay home until moving between rooms with no purpose in mind gets boring. For now it is a bit thrilling.

And I am reading books again! Now on my last Jane Harper book. A few more assorted ones on the pile to go. I might download a book only available on Kindle…American Hippopotamus…the bizarre story of two men’s idea of bringing hippos to Louisiana for additional meat sources in Teddy Roosevelt’s time. It was a time in our history when ideas were tossed out and then acted on with little thought to consequences. I am not sure we have matured much beyond that but the thought of hippos grazing in Baton Rouge bayous does bear looking into.

It is almost two o’clock…maybe a small red wine on the breezy porch with my book. I am keeping Barbara’s and my bundles out there to cure. We will open them on Tuesday but I do love looking at how seeped with color they are looking now.

I won’t post another blog until they are unwrapped.

Til then….