Still Floundering a Bit

Two days ago at the dam it was like this….a fog waiting to sandwich me in. Then yesterday being Sunday I did not go for a walk, only to miss today due to lots of rain at the time I like to be out. So a fidgety Tuesday waiting for Barbara to come and undo our bundles.

Here are mine that I will keep.

The first two were between tiles in an iron bath. The short piece and faded one from steaming. We are going to put some back in between tiles (no bundles) and cook them again. We both hoped for a bit more reddish color with the Eucalyptus leaves from the florist, but no, we are not in Australia where everything seems right.

Speaking of which yesterday a card came with the most thoughtful poem of how it is like with Lee leaving. Thank you Lynne.

This is the place

where we must sever….

you go thousands of miles

my friend once forever….

Like floating clouds

we drift apart….

The sunset lingers like

the feelings in my heart.

Farewell to a Friend

Li Pai

Yesterday’s drawing shows the poem written over and over on top of itself so I will remember it.

I am grateful to have this new way of seeing clouds and remembering how we used to be. He is doing fine at the nursing home and they think he is so sweet with his cat walking the halls and talking to it with such pleasure. He eats everything on his plate and is content for the first time in quite awhile. Our long term care reimbursements and payment from unused time at the memory care facility lag behind and I am grateful Lee and I made precautions in our finances to cover these times to protect what we have worked so hard for the last fifty-four years.

Yesterday I framed the Night Critters and my wood block chine colle print of our Japanese lantern stone in the front yard.

This morning I made buttermilk biscuits and used Lee’s wood turned plate and his honey with my handwoven dish towel to stage a picture of the biscuits. I think the biscuits needed to be crowded together more to help each other rise to their fullest potential….like most of us, closeness helps.

And today’s drawing of a forest that will be finished tomorrow.

Til later….