Catching Up

My return view on the Riverwalk this morning. The early morning sun on the river is so peaceful and clarifying of what all can be done with the day ahead. Along the way more sun and an abundance of geese.

Yesterday my Tuesday lunch friend came early so we could wrap bundles of papers and cloth with Eucalyptus and other plant material. Now we just wait until next Tuesday for the reveal.

Some were steamed, some immersed in an iron bath, some pressed between tiles. Always a surprise.

I have kept up with my stitching and drawing sketchbook.

I have ordered the rest of the frames for the night critters. Now I just need to locate some off white mat board to mount them on and order glass cut. I will add spacers between the glass and the textiles to let them breathe.

The young man I am giving my board shear to came to look it over and agreed to take my very large metal flat file as well. I will give him some papers that I no longer need to use in his classes.

After bringing all the furniture back home from the memory care facility and then taking some to Lee’s new room, I am left with a twin bed to get rid of. This week I will make a call to a charity organization to come take it away.

The cats are hiding from the cleaning lady upstairs and keeping me company down here in the studio. I think today I will ink up the wood block of the male figure. Then continue designing the center woodblocks for his interior space. Three figures should complete the set and when they have thoroughly dried I will back them with something to make them more accepting of needle, thread and scraps of cloth.

Til later….