Beautiful Days – Slow Progress

The meadow grasses on my walk from the gym to the new house. Another house is going in next to mine. I am now boxed in on each side.

I have checked all my tree books and can not find out what kind of tree this is.

A rough crude bark that attracts lichen. Leaves that are smooth edged with veins coming off the center vein and drooping their way to the edge. Almost pillowy between veins. It stands about fifteen feet or so high and is right outside my living room windows.

I kept up my walks at the dam and riverwalk.


And this beautiful foam flower nestled among maiden hair ferns.

This morning after my work out, I walked over to the Indian Mound to see if I could find another tree like the one behind my new house.

Nothing like it there. And then the fog drenched field over toward my new place.

Where the only change was some grading and piles of top soil to be graded around the back.

So I just came home, had my coffee and breakfast. And when the fog lifted I went to another town and hardware to find fans and lighting for over the island sink in the new house. There was the perfect helper who spent a generous hour plus helping me get to what I expected the fixtures to do in the places they would be going. When I told him what would be in the visual space around the living room fan, we found the perfect one. It is a flat black with blades that are designed differently to scoop more air and will look perfect between the two large African carved masks. And although I was convinced that I would need a pendant light hanging over the island sink, we came to the sensible conclusion that it would interfere with the visual openness of the area and compete with the fan now chosen that is only being maybe ten feet away, he showed me a recessed ceiling light that can be set to warm light and give off a large canopy of light below. Perfect!

It really helped that he is an artist and even gave me a quick lesson on how he addresses his canvas when doing en plein air painting. He and I figured that what I saved would purchase a very nice and very old bourbon or single malt.

I also bought a nice fan with attached light for the porch that will really stir the air on humid still days. The remaining three fans for the den, master bedroom and guest room are not as important but I am thinking ceiling “huggers” just to keep them up away from the first view when walking into the rooms. I thought of fans like these for low ceilings only but they are far more versatile. Nine foot ceilings will keep them in their place.

I have made a list of what I want completed here in the way of packing up in the next two months. The studio and last of the office are next. The apartment has been packed up. Several things going north with Amy, Patrick and Marla. The rest of the things in the cupboards there plus some books, etc., went off with the cleaning lady yesterday. She has access to so many more places to give them to than I do and I am so grateful she happily loads her car with a promise to take more when she comes back in two weeks.

Things are moving along. Next week my house here officially goes on the market. The pond cleaner comes on Tuesday, the photographer on Wednesday  and Thursday it starts.

Til later….