Better Now

Today is a beautiful day. The men are back with several Arizona cypress and are putting them in the many holes dug along the top of the rise in the other side of the driveway. They are a nice size and will grow quickly. I will add more pictures as more plantings are put in. A massive load of mulch came two days ago and improved the site quite a bit. More pine straw also came today. The place will be looking very nice by the time they finish.

Lee is with the caregiver today. He seems a  bit more lost this week. We moved some folding camp chairs up to the garage for him to sit and watch the activities in the yard. Any changes are problematic for him so we will see how it goes.

I have gotten a bit sloppy with the drawings in the marks book. I think I am bored with it and just want to finish it up. It is also hard to not have interrupted, constantly interrupted, time to do more than I am doing. I will have to make a plan before starting the next book. I might add stitch to the next one.  It is true how calming it is to thread a needle and poke it in and out with a string trailing behind. Anyway…

We found some lettuce the other day and put it in some pots on the deck. Planting something also helps. When I can get nasturtiums to put with the parsley, sage and lettuce I will be satisfied that that is enough. The potted ivy from way back has gone nuts out there. Frost does not seem to bother it one bit.

I think my second short story is finished. It was hard getting time to get back to it.  A single porter beer should do it.  After rereading it a few more times I will put it under short stories on my website.

One thing I found most interesting was, when out of curiosity, I wondered if the childhood camp I was sent to about seventy years ago was still there. Yes, and with the mission of, “to improve and elevate the character of manhood.” So strange that it is still operating and has such a motto/mission that fit into my short story so well. I am not sure I liked going to summer camp. I only remember the leather lanyard making that seemed useful. But like most craft lessons with prepared materials, if you don’t have them why bother.

The cards and letters arriving this week are most appreciated. I am touched by how well the Tether Line book has been received and shared with others going through similar difficulties. Thank you.

Now maybe a glass of wine to watch out an open window the men planting trees.

Til later….