Moving On

Spring is here ! Our yard this past two days.

We lifted the snake out of the sunken ground so he sits up on top of the Spring ground.

I am working at getting the grounds all finished off for when the time comes to maybe move some place else. When family arrives after their covid shots, they will help pack up some of the things that just seem so very unnecessary. My god, why did I think I could not live without them!!

I dream of blank walls with only the the artworks and artifacts that make me smile and happy I have them. So much is just there because it always was.  Not “clutter” but getting very close. When cooking at the stove I look across the living room and see that huge bowl full of Christmas cards from the last ten years or so…why? Good Grief! Throw them out! And those things that you have because you actually thought an old friend was thinking about your tastes…not because she was simply cleaning out her own closets. Another Good Grief! Time to purge. Time to get some control.

Anyway I am still trying to get to the end of the sketch book.

The heating pad! Why? Nothing else within reach.

Cats…out of reach!

I am thinking the next book should have stitched scraps in it. I can stitch pieces to then stitch into the book…add some writings, maybe. There is so little time to work in the books early in the morning. Lee is busy getting dressed to go outside and then back in because it is cold, then ten minutes and out again. I need something I can do mindlessly and drop at a minute’s notice. I will need to bring more fabric scraps upstairs. It seems I am getting so removed from my studio….

I finally finished working over the second short story…The Ferryman. I need to keep reminding myself that it is just a story told over a beer to someone hardly listening so why worry!

Charlie, the ferryman, told me to just let him go….others might be waiting their turn, he said. I hope he is right. I like dipping into their lives for a bit. It helps….his story is under short stories on my website.

Til later…