Better Today

I still had plenty of these posters I made from a flag book several years ago. I will take it down to the Memory Care facility to put in Lee’s room.

After a very rocky start, Lee is now under psychiatric care at the place he needs to be. At first they wanted the original paper of commitment from our doctor and not the faxed copy. So turned around and left him there at Memory Care. I got the call and rushed to the doctor’s office to locate it on the top of the “to shred” pile. Then drove quickly down to deliver it during a gas shortage and made it before they were coming a second time to pick him up. Next I get a call from the psych ward that they are sending him to yet another hospital because his bruise has gone all the way down to his foot and they want more tests. I am a bit incensed at this point and enlist the aid of head of Memory Ward and the home health nurse who has been working hard to get Lee some pain relief and settled at the new home for evaluation and treatment.

No calls in the middle of the night and first thing this morning I get a call from the psych place that he is there…followed by a very gentle call from the psychiatrist that Lee will be given a stronger pain reliever and get treatment for his mental outlook. He will call me every two days with updates. Hopefully within two weeks he will be back at the Memory Care Home and under the watchful eyes of the people there.

This morning Amy and Ben left for home right after the doctor’s call. They were amazingly helpful and yesterday hung the Australian egg temperas where the cow hung near Lee’s chair.

Ben made sure I had a bottle full of tumeric syrup to continue with treatment as needed. It was wonderful having them here and the introduction to birding.

I promised them I would continue the walk this morning and found it quite flooded in places but great for taking pictures.

Our son, Patrick will come down mid June for two weeks and like Amy and Ben will work remotely. It is very helpful having them around. In the meantime Patrick had six bottles of a very nice pinot noir sent and this amazing stress reliever.

A dammit doll designed to take many hard whacks when things get rough. Perfect thing to have these past few days.

And finally after the cleaning lady left I had quiet time to sew on an interpretation of the Riverwalk. Amy and Ben took away all Lee’s computer, printer, etc from this table in the den. Perfect for sewing and sketching in my book. This will be my newest stitched piece to add to a drawing of mountain laurel I did from a whole new bunch Amy and Ben picked before leaving.

I feel I can breathe today and will get back to a new normal place. Again thank all of you for the many cards and letters and messages of kind concerns. They make me cry but even that feels good to just let it go.

Til later….