Waiting for News

I have walked along the river and it is more and more flooded. Some parts impassible.

So I stick to the higher parts and found this.

The idea of an elf hidden in the trees fit into my drawings and stitching sketchbook along with this tree trunk we found last week with strawberries growing inside.

So here is how I have tried to keep my mind occupied these past few days.

The Riverwalk.

The elf.

This morning looking out the window.

I practiced talking to someone in public yesterday. It was on the Riverwalk. I stopped a man who walks a fat black dog and asked if he knew why the river was so high. He told me it had to do with the runoffs from two dams close by and would be that way all summer. It was so very nice hearing a strangers voice that I wished I could find more to talk about but he gave me the information he had and then turned and took his fat, friendly dog with him. I stood and watched before heading off to another coffee shop in search of a decent latte and a scone. And again I was the only one in the shop. There is one more to try in the town and then I give up. Perhaps just get a latte to go and bring it home to my own scones.

The news from the doctor on Friday was neither good nor bad. And my imagination and fears of the worst can keep me stressing over what happens next. I need to take it one day at a time and make the necessary decisions as they come up.

The house is sometimes unbearably empty. I am going to lose myself in some novels and finish all the ones I started.

Til later….