Broadening Horizons

The tree man opening up views that used to be there before so much growth.

Until we ended up with this on one side of the house.

He pushed it back and cut it into small pieces into the woods and out of sight. The house is brighter now inside.

I am thinking of the next small coptic long book and have decided to make the same size pages but in a paper to be painted on. Small illustrations of the things that have caught my eye in Australia. There will be lots of small drawings/paintings needed to fill the book but it should keep me busy.

In the meantime I was impressed with a friend’s photography and the adjustments she makes to give such impact. So this morning I took several of the images of my work and played with how using my photo apps can make me think of the work in new ways. Not sure what yet, but playing around is something I seldom do.

Here is some of that “playing”.


Lee and I are going to go to the Folk School Auction this evening. We don’t want to buy anything unless it is just the right gift. The reason I want to go is it that it is the only time we see some local residents and I do not want to cook dinner. By the end of the day my foot is begging to be put up and not holding me up in front of the stove. Besides the event comes with sufficient and delicious hors d’ouevres to fill us up.

I miss the tearing out of napkin wrappers on Sunday mornings. But the food was simply not that good and keeping off my foot and not being able to drive for a couple of weeks was excuse enough to stop going there. Now we are waiting for our old closer diner to start offering breakfasts so we can give it a go. Nothing like the promise offered with new management/new owners.

My fit bit is nagging me constantly to “go for a stroll”. It has been trained to expect a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. We are both having withdrawal.

Okay that’s it. Back to folding folios, lunch and later the auction.

Til later.