Finished Australia Pigments Book

Okay it is all stitched. Each folio of color coptic stitched to the next. I used a soft cotton loose thread made in France but purchased in Australia. It comes in lovely colors in the thread shops there and once you touch it and feel the softness, why not just buy it.

Anyway here is another view.

And another.

And now it is raising the question of “what next?”

So I am thinking that I will make another one the same size. The pages will be thai kozo but I will paint the dots representing travels through the country with watercolors made from the soils of my own home. Then I might just flip them through and/or around each other. Just thinking here.

This is the piece using those same watercolors that is going on display at the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Exhibition at the South Australia Museum in Adelaide starting this next week.

It was made by cutting the pages of Robert Hughes’ book, Fatal Shore into Eucalyptus leaf shapes, coloring with my watercolors made from Australian soils and then burning them to represent the effects of global warming on an already pretty warm country. This is a detail of them sitting in the dustbin.

And I still have more of those colors to use up.

On another topic, the window washers came on a dreary day yesterday and got the job done.

The tree man came as well and agrees that lots of this encroaching green needs to go.

Even these crepe myrtles are spurting branches way too high. Tree man says he will trim them all back come winter, but not now.

He starts tomorrow hacking and sawing and dragging the bits into the woods.

We just want to sit on the porch and not feel all this green is going to invade. This has been a very fertile season here in western North Carolina. Lots and lots of rain lately.

Til later.