Catching Up

I am sitting in my new office chair. It is quite comfortable. Thankfully there was someone to put it together for me. It arrived late in a large carton with not two pieces put together. Too big a job for me but so nice to have a chair the right height.

The full moon was lovely the other morning when I went out to feed the deer.

This second one looks more like a rich collograph print than a photograph.

Speaking of prints I think I am through carving on the grey owl until my new brayer arrives this weekend. More blacks were taken away from his face and some of the tree. The carving becomes much like sketching but without the benefit of an eraser to remove mistakes. It is a very appealing pastime.

I am thinking that it might be fun to use some of my tai kozo paper with faded botanical prints to set the owl apart from the tree. The dull greys are about right. But I promised myself no printing until the new brayer arrives.

The owl inspired another one in my bird stories book. A screech owl.

Today I went to the framer with the three large male figures.



Somehow I got it into my head that an inner thin mat line in the blood red of the heart would look good just inside an ecru mat with a thin black frame. BUT the red took away from the heart so we went with a thin black just beyond the black stitching with an inch and a half of ecru matting with the thin black frame. It looked good that way. Each will be about 17″ wide by 24″ tall. So now in the hands of the framer. The three of them will hang close together over the wooden mantle that Patrick made from a wood Lee sourced. Seems perfect.

Last night I made a potato leek soup. Believe them when they say PEEL the potatoes. The good intention of added fiber resulted in floating bits of thin brown skin with no flavor that clung to the surface of my teeth. I strained the soup and I must say it is delicious and so easy. I will have it for dinner again tonight with a toasted asiago bagel.

I will sign off now with a view of last night’s sunset out the dining room window.

Til later….