Clearing A New Path

This little fellow showed up yesterday with his twin to pick through the greens in the front yard. They did not eat that much and I find it matters less if they do. I am thinking within the year I will have moved from here.

Marla and I walked the trail and looked up toward the studio on the right side of the lower level. We cleared out so much from there that went to the trash or into her car to take back north.

There is even a weaving loom and accessories in there. The things not in the car went off to the trash in two trips. We made a list of the furniture that will go with me and the pieces that won’t, the artwork I want to live with and the pieces that go elsewhere. We removed the gate to prevent Lee from falling down the stairs in the night.

In between we had wine, scotch, fairly good food and lots of laughs. I also showed her how to do white line printmaking so she could have her own interpretations of our two different morning walks.


I patched the wall and thought of all the other patching that will have to happen before I sell the house. It has had so many fun memories for me and now should start to make more for the next occupants. I have picked a new path and intend to step slowly and carefully along the way. Many months ahead of more sorting and packing before I leave this behind.

Next thing on the list is finish digging out whatever I put under my work tables in the studio. The Richeson etching press will not be going with me so I will sell it. The bed is 13″ by 36″ , comes with the stand and I am thinking $1200 is a good price. There are still two flat files of papers to go through. Why do we think we need so much paper! When I was teaching workshops at home and within driving distance it seemed practical to have some handy but not now!

So now my mind is on fresh starts.

And remembering and recording the past.

It is time for lunch and a good ponder on where to start next. Or maybe I will just ignore the clearing and cleaning today and write. It has taken me a while to get used to options again.

Til later….