Way Too Much Stuff!!

Since I did this journal entry four days ago there has been no time to get back to it.

After our early morning walks alternating between the river and the dam……

it has been sorting out my studio closet! What a mess! I collected so much thinking I might just use it one day. The first thing to pack up was all the pigment processing equipment and the collected colors from all over. Once I separated what I would take with me, the rest was boxed up for an enthusiastic student who has gone on to gain a reputation for processing and painting with earth pigments. I am so happy to have her grateful acceptance of so many travels, colors and materials.

Next to come out of there was everything related to sewing. What I will keep with me is in this antique shoe makers trunk filled to the brim.

When emptying out this trunk I found these.

Remember those Friendship Coverlets where everyone in the weaving guild wove a square with the idea being they would all be pieced into a coverlet. Well, thirty years later and they were still waiting. My daughter will get these now and hopefully will enjoy putting them together onto a backing fabric.

All of my prints from printmaking have been corralled into boxes and I will try to sell my Richardson Etching Press. I have a small tabletop X Cut to do whatever I need in the future.

Now the only thing to come out of that closet is the large flat file, three heavy duty shelf cases that will work out well in the new garage, and a work table for the drill press, etc.

I have lots of paper to go through and dispose of. Some will stay in the flat file to be taken by the fellow who is getting the board shear, some I will give to a friend who has been helping me do this and some I may keep.

So far today three more bags have been added to this lot of five headed for the garbage.

Also found in the back on a top shelf was a box of artist book sculptures. One I will keep, one goes home with my helper and two were tossed. This one was never exhibited. It was a found book about being a good preacher, an advice book of sorts that was quite anti gay. I shredded each page keeping them connected to the covers and spine to make this very large nest. The “egg” in the nest of misery is a book written by Joan Biaz in the days of love and acceptance. The red ribbon book mark is for the pain and loss through bigotry.

Why did I think I needed so much! One bag and one carton ready for a weaving friend to pick up and about three cubic feet of “possibles” for the friends from St Louis coming next month.

Marla who has hauled and helped me get moving on this project will be heading home with a carload.

I have taught her how to do white line printmaking and today she seems hooked. We are going upstairs to have a bit of libation before starting again tomorrow.

Til later