Covid Second Shots and Fun Memories

We got our second shots two days ago and I only had a sore arm where the shot went in. Lee was fine the first day but yesterday was totally out of it. He shook in the afternoon, could not comprehend simple questions and just had a bad day. Our doctor assured us that side effects can be flu-like and happen up to two days after the shot. This morning Lee is back to his normal and is walking around the driveway with his rain hat on.

The other night I had a fun dream about one of the only friends I ever had who could me laugh out loud. We laughed in the dream and I woke smiling at the memories of our funny times. So I dropped her a message asking if she remembered how we shared details of our dreams over thirty-five years ago. And told her what a pleasure it was to share another good time together in my dreams. She immediately got back to me with a message of love and maybe a future trip to see us. Of course it would be after covid restrictions and might not even happen but I am still chuckling as I remember even more things we found so funny years and years ago. I really hope I dream of her again for another good laugh.

Yesterday a friend from St. Louis sent me a package of these.

Three Australian hankies! On bad days I can snivel away on a kangaroo, koala or map of that so missed country. They would also be fun to stitch into after they get softened and faded with use.

And the outcome of Mr. Snowman.

The last page of that signature gave way to anxious doodles yesterday and this morning as I watched to see how Lee was doing.


It sort of looks like a visual of “things fall apart’. and that is how it is some days.

Today a friend shows up with a pizza for our lunch. When she says, “What can I bring you?” Sometimes you just have to say, “Pizza!”

I still need to find the writing about the young girl who just did not quite fit in. It would be fun to try to capture that in a line drawing narrative.

It is sort of like this poem I wrote and then did a limited edition of tiny books with it.


The Position of Periphery

Our place is somewhere on an edge

away from those centered and focused.


It is a not-belonging place

with expansive views


where we are mobile

and deliberately uncommitted.


Free to choose and change,

we remain inaccessible  –  transient.


Free from doors closing behind us

and the constraints of expectation.


Here on the periphery we can

try on the skins of otherness


….and then discard at will.



Til later….