Stories in the Marks Book

Here is a fish story. Pretty self explanatory action going on. I wanted to try background treatments with this one. It is easy to get carried away and overdo things which requires overdoing even more.

We awoke to snow the other morning and it influenced my next story.

I like the background in this one…snowflakes in some kind of other action…more snow, flurries of pine needles…something moving in the air. It took a very long time to make all the marks to create this atmosphere. And then this morning.

The page will be turned and the story will continue with predictability onto the next two page space. And I count on myself to come up with something else when this story ends. All the blank pages are just waiting for me to think up of ways to mark them up. I thought I would be using color by now out of shear boredom but the various ways of mark making in ink are keeping me engaged.

Somewhere I wrote a small piece about a child always on the outside of the group of other children. It might make for a good drawing story and let me do kids in their different clothing and body language. I will have to find it.

Lee is pacing from window to window because the sun is out but the frost and cold air are keeping him from putting on his jacket for the next few minutes anyway. It is hard for him with a history of always being outside building roads to just stay indoors. Now that he has all the leaves chased off, there is little for him to do when he does go out. His rocks still hold some appeal but now he does not know if he should move them. Later the caregiver comes and will take him out for walks, stick gathering and back inside for “cop shows”.

I will be stitching the next batch of books to send to Australia.

Til later….