Crossing Into March

It has taken a couple of weeks to get the first set of Bush Book prints from the printer. Making color corrections takes time, communications between computer and printer also takes time. Then there was a scanner break down and Lee had little patience to sit in the car and wait it out. But yesterday it all came together. And because Lee had his helper company in the afternoon, I got to trim all the pages, crease folds and assemble the book.

You can see that the copies are just a tad more pinkish than the originals. And of course there is no pocket at the bottom of the pages…only the image of that pocket.

I am going to ask the printer to resize the saved images to one half inch smaller in each direction. It isn’t much but will “tighten up” the images and make the very long book just a bit easier to handle. I thought of binding it in fifteen single folios but the fun is stretching it all out. And then I would have to paste the white backs of the pages together. That could get messy!

I will ask him to just do ten sets of pages and take his time because I know he is tired of looking at them right now. And I know he must be tired of me saying, “Can we make another one with a better brown in this section?”.

But today I will find a good paper to make the front and back covers. Yesterday I had to order more book board, gesso and a recommended printmaking paper in case I want to try contact printing again this Spring.

Thank you for the positive response to my last blog about Lin and her work. I will do another one about an artist and what they did that stuck with me later on.

Here are the last four days of Drawings a Day.

Who really uses

a heavy steel nutcracker?

Buy nuts without shells!


One more nutcracker

for crushing the shells into

desired nut meats.


Hor d’oeuvres utensils

used to be so important.

But now, not so much.


What appetizers

were these tiny forks supposed

to bring to our plates?


I moved from the kitchen drawer into a dining room drawer. More interesting and full of the memories of dinner parties around the table here. And I have not thrown one thing out…just tossed it back in after drawing. I will need help in disposing of things.

I am not holding things up and asking myself if I love it. Even though I do have the book telling me to do that. I don’t love the nutcrackers and appetizer forks. I tolerate their presence as long as they stay out of sight. Closing drawers and shutting doors is therapeutic.

I am in therapy right now and will catch up later.

Til then.