Friday Again!!

Eight Trusting the Tether Line poetry books heading to Australia. Another box will be mailed there next week. It is taking me longer to stitch the signatures…finger cramps from holding things together while I try to use black thread on black paper. But I am progressing!

And the marks sketchbook continues.

This nest took quite a bit of time but worked.

I like how the short page illustrations play off the longer ones behind.

The start of a bamboo forest…or so I thought.

This is how it ended this morning. I am wondering about doing a story in six pages of just drawings that fill the entire page. There are so many pages left in this book. I am still thinking about it and wondering if Gory-like drawings would not be the better way to do it. Dots are just nuts to fill a page. My eyes blur after a bit. I also had to put the heron in water because I started marking out the head too low on the page. Working directly with pen makes you think creatively when mistakes are made.

And finally I think Ellie’s story will end soon…3,000 words is about enough and I figured out the ending. Three o’clock in the morning is the figuring hour.

It was always better to think of the things she might do than look back on the things she’d already done. Those things were over. Ellie had moved on. It may not have always been in a straight line but she stepped away from her yesterdays with hardly a glance back……..

Til later