Getting Through It With Friends and Drawing

Another “brown paper package tied up with string”. And again from Australia. We were told years ago we could no longer do this in our country because the strings catch on belts. Australia must not have belts that are as touchy as ours. Everything and everybody right now is “touchy” here in the States. We just want this year over with and someone besides a sociopath leading us all down the drain of his own swamp.

I have made an advent calendar of sorts to help me get through until election day. I keep this inside a cupboard door. It has 84 more strips to pull off and then he will be empty and hopefully out of office in January. Maybe his supporters will either smarten up or lose their memberships at his golf clubs because he had to bankrupt them to pay legal fees. We can only hope. So far I have only “knee capped” him from his first day in hiding.

But inside the package was this!

What a thoughtful gift! More malted cookies coming up. I might even try putting some in my morning smoothie. Thank you, Jan.

Here are the last six days of drawings a day with haiku.

Deer have helped themselves

to tender leaves while the birds

chose to eat the grapes.


A nasty fungus

that Lee brought in for drawing.

We have both washed our hands!


How about looking

at the possibilities

of flipping over.


Soaking wet feather

from a turkey was the one

good find for drawing.


Sometimes the only

way to draw it correctly

is remove some marks.


Late summer mint stems

are still so full of themselves.

It’s mint julep time.


I am finding little moments to work on My Life in Clothes book. Now have added a clothes line for under wear and other summer outfits.

Also the Fairy book has the start to a new page.

We keep up with our walks. Sometimes alone past a skinny woods and other times being watched.

I still see things that feed into drawings.

Like this owl.

And this watchful tree.

That is enough for now.

Til later. I need to go tear into Trump!